Chilli k188 The First Fidget spinner cell phone

Chilli k188 The First Fidget spinner cell phone

The phone has gained popularity because it retains the characteristic movement of the well-known toy

After the success that generated the fidget spinner, which became the toy of the summer, has now presented a phone called Chilli Phone that has shaped this popular game.

Created by Chinese firm Chilli, Chilli k188 has a small 1.4-inch screen and 32MB of internal memory and Bluetooth connectivity and in India has been put on sale at $20.

This device can rotate thanks to one of its movable parts that makes it possible to move.

Although it does not have a great connectivity, this smartphone has caused a sensation because it is also a toy.

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Could disappear

However, the fidget spinner is on the way to disappearing. According to analysts, sales of this device are going down after having reached, just in May, its maximum sales point on platforms such as Amazon and Google.

The New York Times has also documented the fall of this toy as it has already been determined that it became fashionable for children and stopped its popularity among adults who had begun to follow.

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