This Image Can Hack Your WhatsApp And Telegram Accounts Be Careful


WhatsApp and Telegram are known to be the most used instant messaging services in the world no one knows what tomorrow has. But, recently, A group of Check Point investigators recently discovered a new severe vulnerability in WhatsApp and Telegram.

This Image Can Hack Your WhatsApp And Telegram Accounts Be Careful

More than one billion users around the world using this service, It advised you upgrade to the latest version. At an International Conference on Cybersecurity held at the Polytechnic Institute of Guarda, the security firm Check Point’s Rui Duro announced that Telegram and WhatsApp has a vulnerability that allowed Hackers to take total control over Victims’ accounts.
The director of the security firm stated about the vulnerability discovered “By uploading an ostensibly harmless photo, a cybercriminal can track a user’s account, view and download all shared photos, message on behalf of the victim”.

The vulnerability found, and already corrected by the developers, allows the hackers to send hidden malicious code into a harmless-looking picture. Once the user clicks on the photo opens the full passage to the data stored in Telegram and WhatsApp. The hackers can even send the harmful files to all contacts of the victim, possibly allowing a large-scale attack.
This issue has been reported to Telegram and WhatsApp security teams on March 8th. Both companies have acknowledged the security issue and developed a solution for web clients around the world.
However, if you are a user of any the two then it strongly advised to you to use the latest version available.

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