Nitrogen OS Rom For Xiaomi MI Max (hydrogen)


Nitrogen OS ROM now available for Xiaomi Mi Max (hydrogen)  this is great news for all Mix Max owners. The Nitrogen OS ROM is based on Android 7.1 Nougat the latest Android OS in town. Read the Instructions carefully on how to flash the ROM your Mi Max.

Status bar:
The date and location of the range of time in the status bar;
Select the icon of style and display the percentage of battery;
An indicator of network traffic
Bluetooth device charge level;
Brightness control finger movement on the status bar.
Input Method icon

Quick Settings Panel:
Set the number of tiles
fast access
A ban on the lock screen
“Smart” notification bar;
On / off WiFi at the touch of a tile;
Bluetooth on / off at the touch of a tile;
Turning on / off the mobile Internet at the touch of a tile;
Show / hide the Auto Brightness icon in the panel;
Tiles inclusion / LTE outage.

Hardware buttons:
For devices with hardware buttons:
Switching on and off buttons
Backlight adjustment
Backlight Timeout
Reassignment action buttons apparatnyyh
Closing the application while holding the “Back” button
The awakening of the volume buttons;
The volume buttons control the player;
On / off “Do not disturb” mode, the volume buttons.

Navigation bar:
2 options of navigation panel: SmartBar (regular) and Fling (navigation of firmware Dirty Unicorns panel);
Pulse settings Fling panel;
Adjust the height of the navigation bar in landscape and portrait modes;
Editing position contextual buttons;
Adjust the transparency of the panel;
Animation buttons in the panel when pressed;
The cursor arrows in the navigation bar when typing.
Disable snapping navbara to the lowest point of the device

Turn on the camera by double-pressing the power button;
Transfer device in sleep mode by double-clicking on the status bar;
Transfer device in sleep mode by double-clicking on the lock screen.

Lock screen:
Labels lock screen;
The weather on the lock screen;
Font hours;
The inclusion of a flashlight by holding the power button when the screen is off;
Turn the lock screen.
food Menu
Set points;
A ban on the lock screen;

Recent apps:
The ability to hide the selected application from the list of recent applications;
To select display a list of recent applications.
The choice of the location of the Clear All button

Different settings:
Options for screen capture (screenshot) – full screen picture and a particular area of the screen;
MTP when you connect to a PC;
Wake lock applications;
Charging awakening;
Scrolling cache;
Substitution of signatures (microG)

and further:
Operation in applications;
Fast unlock the screen;
Night mode;
Disable prompts, notifications and information in the Settings main menu
Customizable Ambient Display.

Thing To Know

  • This Rom is meant only for Xiaomi Mi Max (hydrogen)
  • Your Mi Max must be Rooted and have Custom Recovery installed.
  •  TWRP 3.0.2 Recovery will be the best to Flash this CM14.1 ROM.
  • This  ROM will wipe all data Stored in your device.
  •  Do make a backup of your important files your device before proceeding.
  • Your Battery should be Charged above 92% before flashing the ROM.

How to Flash The Android Nougat 7.1 Nitrogen OS ROM On Xiaomi Mi Max (hydrogen)

  1. Download CM14.1 ROM and  Gapps from the link below to your computer or Phone.
  2. If downloaded with computer connect your device via USB and send to the root of your Sd, or you downloaded the ROM with your device move the downloaded CM141.1 Rom and Gapps to the root of your Sd card.
  3. Switch Off your device. 
  4. Now  Boot into Recovery Mode.
  5. Once you in Twrp Recovery Mode, click on “Backup Tick all the option then slide the Swipe to Backup button to start the backing-up your previous Rom (Very Important).
  6. After The Backup Process is done go to the main menu click on “Wipe” then click on “Advance Wipe” Now tick this option Dalvik, System, Cache, and Data.
  7. Slide the “Swipe to Wipe” button to starting the wiping process.
  8. Now click Install select the CM14.1 ROM, click “Add more Zips” select the Gapps as well.
  9. Tick✔ the option “Reboot after installation is complete” After the ROM is done installing it will reboot itself.
  10. First boot will take about 5 minutes to boot up. So be patience
After the boot up is done our Xiaomi Mi Max (hydrogen) should now have CM14.1 Nougat 7.1, ROM installed on it.
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Nitrogen OS Rom Xiaomi MI Max
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