[NotCool] The Revived Nokia 3310 Won’t Be An Android Device


Nokia 33310 comeback was big news that stoke the internet last week  It went viral as many have tweeted, made videos and blog post about it. Many had high expectations on what the phone will feature. As a Die hard Nokia Fan I had high hope for Nokia 3310 thinking it will run Android OS. HMD just made us know it will be a feature phone and not an Android device. The Revived Nokia 3310 Won't Be An Android Device

The Revived  Nokia 3310 won’t be an Android Device.

Nokia 3310 was first launched in 2010, a strong device I must confess many Nigerians will tell you that. Nokia 3310 is set to be launched again in 2017 with some different features.

Nokia 3310 Difference

  • Design: The Revived Nokia 3310 will not have much different from the old one that was released in the year 2000. The single changes will be in the weight and thickness.
  • Android- The Revived  Nokia 3310 will be a feature device and not smartphone running Android
  • Colour- This device will have a multi-color fuselage style, including red, green and yellow and so on.
  • Key- The key size will be adjusted but the physical key position will remain same.
  • Larger Color Display:  It will have larger and a color screen.

What price Tag will you place on this Revived Nokia 3310

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