iPhone 6 Plus explodes at night in Florida


Just when you believed that the whole smartphone explosion story has ended, there is a report about an iPhone 6 Plus explosion. According to the report which we have, the explosion happened in Palm Harbor, Florida. The women who were the owner of the now completely destroyed iPhone 6 Plus said that Amanda Bentz was waked by a crazy sound at 3 AM in the morning to find out that her iPhone 6 Plus was on fire.

iPhone 6 Plus explodes in Florida
The report said that the flames were coming out from the right side of the device which has ruined her nightstand. She also added if her hubby wouldn’t have taken proper measures to stop the fire, then it would have been a worse event. He immediately the covered the fire with a shirt which put out the fire. She added that he hadn’t done that, then the curtains and eventually the bed would have also caught fire. This has surely been one of those incidents where a burning device has put the life of the owner at risk.
Apple has offered a replacement unit for her damaged iPhone 6 Plus. However, Amanda says that Apple wants to put a clutch on her credit card for $749. The tech giant has reported that they are looking into the matter as they allow do any time case like this are reported. Apple thanked the local TV station WFLA who was the first to broadcasted the incident and brought the event to the company’s attention.
While this is not the first time that we hear of a smartphone burning incident, This is one of the more dangerous events, and we hope the company takes action on this. It yet to be confirmed as to the reason the iPhone 6 plus got burnt. Let’s just pray that this whole explosion fiasco comes to end finally and we all go back to using our device without having to fear of a blast while sleeping or when taking on the phone call.

With that said, We will love to know what you think about this explosion and the device you are using presently do you feel safe using it. 

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  1. Well I'm using an old and comfortable device. And when I mean comfortable I mean no bars to get a new one yet but still my device serves me well and m confident it won't go boom one day


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