How to Use Apple Airpods With Android Devices


As we all Airpods are for Apple device so today we are going to give you some guide on how you can Apple Airpods with your Android Devices.

Apple Airpods With Android Devices
The flagship iPhone 7 was given any earphone jack or headphone. The only the users of this device use earphones or the headphone is by connecting wireless Bluetooth which many doesn’t see it as users friendly. This makes people look forward to the best standard wireless earphones. Apple made s, the Apple made a special type of earphones that was named Airpod which gives an exceptional experience while using the earphones, Many Android I know will love to try this unique headphone on their device.  Read the post to the end as we have some stated methods that will help you set the Airpod with your Android smartphone. 

How to Use Apple Airpods With Android Smartphone

The method is very straight and smooth, follow the step below to use set your Airpod on your Android device.
  1. After bringing out the Airpods from it case press, the pairing button that is placed at the end of the case holding it for some seconds until the light on the case appears to be lit up white.
  2. The above action has made the Airpods to be set on a pairing mode which gives you a chance to quickly pair up any new device you want to, to it.
  3.  Now open the  Android’s Bluetooth settings of your phone and turn on the Bluetooth to search for the Airpod.
  4. Select the Airpods from the Bluetooth list search results and accept any prompts that may pop-up on your device.  Your Android device would connect successfully to the Airpods you can now play, your music and enjoy the Airpod.
  5. The only difference you get while using the Airpods on the Apple iPhone and other smartphone devices is that you won’t get the Siri benefits. 

You can now use your Airpod with any Android device you want.

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