Samsung Is Finally Dumping Its TouchWiz UI

Samsung is finally set to drop TouchWiz UI for a new UI. Since the beginning, of the Galaxy Series TouchWiz launcher has been used and much improvement has been made on it.
Samsung Is Finally Dumping Its TouchWiz UI
Samsung Is Finally Dumping Its TouchWiz UI
Samsung smartphone is all known for it custom UI (TouchWiz). South Korean giant Samsung is now committed to renewing its image since the Galaxy S7 explosion, so it preparing to dump its custom UI which is well known as TouchWiz. Yes, many of you might be thinking right now that “Am I joking or what!”.
The Android Nougat update for Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge now have the new launcher, yes, it consists a brand new launcher instead TouchWiz, and now it is expected that it will be the standard in the future.
The TouchWiz UI has been, over the years, one of the biggest contradictions in the Samsung universe. Adored by some, hated by others, it is often singled out as the cause of abnormal slows in Samsung smartphones.
The TouchWI launcher has always had a problem no matter the update and improvement that has been made on it by Samsung. The new Android Nougat update for the Galaxy line brings a whole new creation. TouchWiz UI is no more, and Samsung Experience is now the present.
The arrival of the Samsung Experience
From what you can see this new version has a much cleaner image with new colors. The well-known blue and green is no more, and now it gives way to white and light blue.
Now the question will be is Samsung Experience is better than TouchWiz, no one can tell ye, it is expected to be optimized and consume much fewer resources, ensuring a new life for many of Samsung’s smartphones.
After losing its visibility, the South Korean giant Samsung have stopped talking about it, TouchWiz is now preparing to disappear once, giving way to a new interface, which seems to be cleaner, more efficient and more enjoyable to use. It remains to be seen whether this image that transpires later has performances that are adequate to what is expected.
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