How to Fund Your SwissCoin Account With PayPal


Hello everyone, this is just to bring to our notice, to those who have registered for SwissCoin but are yet to fund their account. The most important aspect of the SwissCoin Cryptocurrency is the mining phase which is the most lucrative aspect.

When you Invest €50, you get 500 tokens. After split, you get 1000 tokens. Mine the tokens to coins and  get 1000 coins.
When SwissCoin goes public trading, you get €1000+ from a €50 investment.
SwissCoin Account

Are You POOR ?

Many people are really poor, and the economy keeps going down every day… Do you have a back up plan? but I think joining SwissCoin takes you out of that group.  

Here is my meaning of  POOR:

P = Passing 

O = Over

O = Opportunities 

R = Repeatedly

So poor people are those who Pass Over Opportunities Repeatedly 

You see, you are not poor because you are already part of a live time investment.

But there is something you MUST DO 

Right now, you have 100 free coins. But that means nothing until you activate your account with at least €25
If you haven’t bought a package, looks to me like you are still POOR.
How Can I Get A Package Using PayPal?

1. If you don’t have a PayPal account yet, you can sign up here (It will take you less than 10 min to get it all set free of charge) 

2. Sign in to your Back Office 
3. Click on Shop>>Buy Packs

4. Choose the pack you want to buy and add it to cart

5. Check out and choose PayPal as your payment option

6. Confirm and fill in the necessary detail 

7. Your e-wallet will be funded. Then you can buy your Pack.

Remember, do something today that your generation unborn will always thank you for. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. 

Split indicator is already at 84%… hurry before it get to 100%.

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