How To Charge Your Android Battery Faster

All billion android user today we are going to share with you som great tips that will help you in charging your Battery faster and how to make your battery last longer. it just too sad that after our battery is down it take too long to charge up reading this post to the end you will see how charging time can be really minimized by doing some simple tweaks.
How To Charge Your Android Battery Faster
1. Use Airplane Mode While Charging
This can help charge your battery when you enable Airplane mode your networks go off  as this time your battery consumption rate  reduce very well and increase your charging efficiency and time to 40%. it a good mode to charge your Android smartphone.
2. Turn off Your Phone If Possible for faster Charging
If you need quick emergency battery charge then this method is what is advice at this mode you have  zero battery consumption and it quickly gets charged  compare to when the Android running lots of apps.

3. Turn Off Mobile Data, Wifi, GPS, and Bluetooth

Turning off your Mobile Data, Wifi, GPS and Bluetooth while While charging your Android can help your charge your battery faster as Mobile data and Wifi consume lots of battery and will make battery charging process will take a longer time to full with all these on. it will be wise to turn them off and enjoy the fast charging.
4. Use Original Charger Adapter & Data Cable
We all know that using the right Charger Adapter and cable is very essential for our battery the one specially made for our android from manufacture are the best compatible with your Android. So better is to use the original charger for quick battery charging.

5. Use Battery Saving Mode
When using the saving mode it helps reduce the battery consumption during charging. you can use the inbuilt function which comes as the stock option to many models. If you have Android Lollipop or later version then you could find the battery saving option in settings. Switch this on to conserve power while your phone recharges.

6. Never use your phone while in Charging
Up to 90%, Android user is guilty of using their device while charging. I believe we have heard rumors that using a phone while charging make smartphones to explode, but it is yet to be proven. This is sure that when using our  smartphone while charging increase the overall charging time. Si it advisable not to use your device while charging this will help your battery charge faster.
7 Never charge your phone from PC or Laptop 
Know this that computer USB ports are typically 5V @ 0.5 amp. So if you need faster battery charge then you have to stay off using a computer to charge your smartphone. Since the USB provides half the current, it charges the phone at half the speed.

8 Don’t charge battery from 0 to 100%
Many people don’t know this, a study has shown that charging the battery from 0 to 100% shortens the battery’s lifespan. I believe you have noticed that whenever your device battery reaches the 50% mark it starts to drain itself more quickly compared to 100% to 50%? Actually, this happens. So, make sure charge your phone whenever it is about to reach 50% and remove the charger whenever it reaches 95% you will experience better battery life and fast charging too.
So above is all about Best Ways To Charge Your Android Battery Faster. With the guidance of all these tips discussed above, you can easily charge up your Android device within 30-50% reduced charging time. It will take you no time to share this with friends on social media. Leave a comment below if you have any related tips to do with this.

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