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15 ideas for a gift to the owner of Xbox One

15 ideas for a gift to the owner of Xbox One

Before the New Year, there are less than a week left, and you still have not bought all the gifts? Still, there is a chance to be on time – especially given discounts in most stores. If you are looking for a gift to a loved one who has an Xbox One, then you do not need to puzzle over the choice: we offer a selection of 15 best gifts for the Xbox gamer.

Xbox One for quite a long time inferior to the PlayStation 4 in popularity, but gradually the efforts of Microsoft find their fans. Given that now available budget Xbox One S and advanced Xbox One X, and the library of games is constantly growing – soon should even appear high-quality exclusives in addition to the endless Gears of War and Forza – Xbox One strives for the peak of its development.

1. Microsoft | Controller with unique design | $ 80


Xbox Design Lab 5 Controllers

Controllers are an important part of console gaming, and a great way to impress an Xbox One user is to give him a new joystick. If you can not find a suitable design in familiar online stores, it does not matter: just for such cases, there is an  Xbox Design Lab service. With it, you can collect a unique gamepad by adjusting the color for 7 parameters: the main body, triggers, back panel, sticks, keys. For $ 10 you can add engraving.

If this is not enough, you can add the logo of your favorite football team to whom you want to give the controller. Unfortunately, the service is still only available in the US and you can only make an order through intermediaries. The principles of the services like “Banderloki” and “Mail” will be described in one of the next articles. No time to wait for delivery? You can always choose something from existing designs.

2. Microsoft | Xbox Elite Controller | $ 150


Microsoft Xbox Elite Controller

If your Xbox fan is interested in no longer bright colors, but additional keys and maximum performance, the Elite Controller will be the best choice. This wireless controller is called by Microsoft itself “the most advanced of existing ones.” It can be fully adapted to your hand size and style of play. You can use mini joysticks and crosses in different shapes and sizes to assemble the perfect gamepad. Also on the back panel, there are 4 sockets for replaceable petals – you can install or remove them without additional tools. Each petal can be assigned any commands. Using the proprietary application, you can completely modify the control – from adjusting the sensitivity of the mini-joysticks to assigning keys. For a gamer who takes the game seriously and wants to get better results, this is an ideal gift.

3. Microsoft | Halo Wars 2: Ultimate Edition | $ 40

Microsoft Halo Wars 2 Ultimate Edition

The Halo line is one of the most obvious and at the same time successful ideas for a gift. Wars 2 is a real-time strategy. Although the levels and tasks, in general, typical for Halo, and for all games of this kind, to resist enemies on a huge battlefield side by side with their friends is simply amazing. Given that real-time games are a rarity for Xbox One, Halo Wars 2 can offer unusual mechanics even for avid gamers.

4. Bethesda | Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus | $ 40


Bethesda  Wolfenstein II The New Colossus

This game became a logical continuation of Wolfenstein: The New Order. According to the plot, although you have already killed the Nazi general, they still control the whole world in this alternative universe. In New Colossus, you will face them in America in 1961. This game is recognized as one of the best single-player shooters for the Xbox One. Given that now it can be found at a discount (thank you, sales), Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus definitely deserves attention.

5. Turtle Beach | Wireless Headphone Stealth 600 | $ 100

If your familiar gamer still uses wired headphones, he will clearly be pleased with the Stealth 600. This headset is completely wireless, provides 15 hours of battery life and guarantees excellent sound. The patches in the inner part of the headphones are made of soft microfiber, so as not to press on the ears even after several hours of use. This is a great model for switching to wireless ears. When buying, be sure to pay attention to the label: the manufacturer has a version for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

If you want to give your loved one maximum comfort (and have the appropriate budget), then the perfect choice will be Razer Thresher Ultimates.

6. HyperX | Cloud Stinger Headphones | $ 50

For those whose style is not spoiled by some kind of wire there, the HyperX Cloud Stinger will be an excellent option for the price/quality ratio. They are stunningly comfortable, and the sound seems to be well, too clean for such an inexpensive model. A small but definitely nice feature is the ability to turn off the microphone by simply turning it aside. Although this model is in high demand among gamers, during the holiday period it is often possible to find decent discounts and save almost half the cost.

7. Microsoft | Rare Replay – 30 hits in 1 | $ 18

Battletoads. Perfect Dark. Killer Instinct. Banjo-Kazooie, Conker’s Bad Fur Day. Blast Corps. Jet Force Gemini. For only $ 18 you get all these games – and in addition 23 more legendary games from the developer Rare. This team was one of the leading third-party developers for Nintendo back in the days of Nintendo 64. Now Rare is owned by Microsoft, so you can plunge into the classics on the Xbox One. Not even the most famous games are unique and interesting. Oh, yes, if you buy this bundle as a gift – be sure to ask to pay attention to Blast Corps.

8. PowerA | Complete Power Station | $ 40

Controllers and headphones can be anywhere – both behind the sofa and in the refrigerator. And this stand is the best way to end the mess. It is optimal for storing two gamepads and a pair of headphones. In addition, it can be used as a charger. Do not need charging? Complete Power Station looks great in the role of the usual holder for accessories. But, you see, it’s always nice to have additional options.

9. Annapurna Interactive | What Remains of Edith Finch | $ 20

Xbox gamers almost certainly heard about the latest Halo, but this amazing indie barely reached them – and completely in vain. Having received a rating of 92 on the Metacritic, What Remains of Edith Finch is one of the most highly rated games for the Xbox One to date. In this adventure game you will have to explore the old house and the locality around to find out about the long-standing family curse. For those who are accustomed to playing games – this is when everything needs to be shot, What Remains of Edith Finch will show how interesting and creative games can really be.

10. Microsoft | Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition | $ 20

Ori and the Blind Forest will break the player’s heart after 10 minutes of play. After that, however, it will be easier – at least, emotionally. In the best traditions of Super Metroid and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Ori invites the player to explore a huge 2D world in which secrets can be hidden in the most prominent place, and as the characters are pumped, new passes will be found in long familiar locations. Stunning music and quality graphics perfectly complement the gameplay.

If you are looking for a gift for someone who likes physics-based platformers like the Super Meat Boy, Ori and the Blind Forest is almost guaranteed to his liking. Now is also a great time to give this game: Microsoft has already ordered a sequel from the developers, so next year you can not think about the gift, but just buy the second part.

11. Funko Pop | Figurine Gears of War – Brumak | $ 16

Even in the form of toys, the giant Brumac looks frightening. Given the large number of mechanical improvements, this figure looks not so cartoonish and round, like most figures of the Funko Pop series. Thanks to styling with the preservation of recognizable features of the character, this figure will take place on the shelf as a collector of this series, and just a fan of Gears of War.

12. Seagate | 2TB Drive Game for Xbox One | $ 90

Everyone who buys a lot of games for Xbox One, soon faces a lack of built-in memory – especially when it comes to a prefix for 500 GB. This external 2TB hard drive connects directly to the Xbox One via the USB 3.0 port and is able to hold about 50 games. Another advantage is that it does not require an additional charging cable, so you can just plug it in and play it right away (or take it with you if any of your friends have an Xbox One).

13. Microsoft | Xbox One Media Remote | $ 25

If your loved one often uses the Xbox to watch video through Netflix or other applications, this official console will have to his liking. It is much faster than the standard controller, which reacts with a slight but annoying delay. The only disadvantage of the Xbox One Media Remote is that infrared light is used to communicate with the prefix, and not more modern Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. If the console is locked, the console will be useless.

14. Microsoft | Xbox Gift Card | 500?-2,000?

If you did not like anything from the list above, then you are looking for a gift for someone who is really hard to please. In this situation, the gift card Xbox will come to the rescue. They are suitable for the purchase of games, map sets, and media content and are available in three versions: at 500?, 1,000? and 2,000?. The largest of them is enough to buy almost any AAA-game from the Microsoft library, so you will present not just a card – but also freedom of choice too.

15. Microsoft | Gold status of Xbox Live Gold | 1,399?-3,599?

If just a gift card is not enough, then here is the last idea for a rather strange, but definitely useful gift. To use most of the online features on the Xbox, you need a special Xbox Live Gold subscription . It allows you to receive free games every month, and also gives exclusive discounts that are not available to users with normal status. The year of subscription costs 3,599?, so a gamer will certainly be grateful if he does not have to pay for it in 2018 on his own



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