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15 Best Life hacks for iPhone Owners

15 Best Life hacks for iPhone Owners

Everyone loves life hacks, and Apple users just need to know all the tricks and tricks associated with the iOS operating system. We will help you with this. In this article, you will learn about the best life jacks for iPhone owners.

1. Synchronize and install applications without iTunes


Synchronize and install applications without iTunes

Apple has removed the App Store from iTunes 12.7, which means that you will no longer be able to sync and install applications on your computer via iTunes unless you drop it to a previous version. You can use the program iMazing for Mac or PC, which has much more features than in iTunes. In it, you can restore each application separately from the copy. You can even make copies and export messages to iMessages (which you can not do in iTunes).

2. Use the iPhone as a level

Use the iPhone as a level

Open the Compass application and swipe to the left. The level tool opens.

3. Shake your phone to undo the action


Accidentally deleted the text? Just shake the phone, and a window pops up with the ability to undo the last action.

4. Use the level in the Camera


Use the level in the Camera

Go to Settings  ->  Camera and turn on the Grid function. Now open the camera, and you will see that the screen is divided into 9 equal rectangles. If you point the camera to the ground or floor, two crosses appear in the center of the screen – white and yellow. Slide the phone so that the crosses join together into one. This will mean that the phone is ideally parallel to the horizon.

5. Easy Access


Is it difficult to reach the top of the screen of your iPhone the size of “Plus”? Double-tap the Home button, and the entire screen will go down. On the iPhone X function you need to enable it yourself in Settings  ->  Basic  ->  Universal access.

6. Convert text to speech


Convert text to speech

The iOS system can read for you any text aloud. Go to Settings  ->  General  ->  Universal access  ->  Speech . Activate the Speech and Screen functions aloud. The next time you are too lazy to read a long article, just swipe down with two fingers and iOS will read out the entire contents of the screen aloud.

7. Watch out for someone else’s iPhone in the distance


MSpy can be used to track the activity of any iPhone from a distance. It will be very useful for those who have children. All that is needed is a username and password from the iCloud account tied to the device. On the phone itself, you do not need to install anything.

8. Voice typing


Voice typing

When you are too lazy to type text, just click on the microphone icon on the keyboard and start talking. The system converts your speech into text.

9. Let’s get Siri assignments


Siri is not the best respondent to questions. This is not Google Assistant. But Apple’s virtual assistant performs tasks perfectly, especially in standard applications.

Ask Siri to call someone, send a message (even in WhatsApp), add something to the shopping list, set the alarm or turn off Bluetooth, and Siri will.

10. Replace text

Use the Replace text function to turn the abbreviations into full sentences. Go to Settings  ->  General  ->  Keyboard  ->  Replace text and click on the ” + ” icon . Enter the abbreviation and its decryption, and then click Save.

11. Turn the keyboard into the trackpad


If you have an iPhone 6s and newer, then it has 3D Touch technology. With its help you can press the screen more than usual for different actions. If you strongly click on the application icon, then its various actions will open.

One of the best uses of this function is on the keyboard. Strongly press the keyboard, and it will turn into a trackpad. Slide your finger over it, and the cursor will move. Once again, strongly click on the screen, and you can select the text.

12. Night Mode


This function gives the screen a yellow tint at night. It is especially useful for those who like to read on the phone at night. Go to Settings  ->  Screen and Brightness ->  Night Mode and set the on/off time for the function.

13. The dark regime

In iOS 11 there is a function Smart inversion, which is essentially a dark mode. It turns the white background into black, and the black text to white. And it does not change the image, video, etc. in any way.

Enable it in  Settings  ->  General  ->  Universal access  ->  Display adaptation  ->  Color inversion  ->  Smart inversion .

14. Virtual Home button

The AssistiveTouch function in  Settings  ->  General  ->  Universal access can be used to set the virtual Home button on any iPhone. This feature is especially useful for iPhone owners X.

You can configure AssistiveTouch actions. Among them: touch, double touch, click and 3D Touch. They can be put on: go to the home screen, open the Control Point, activate Siri and much more. After configuration, you can use the virtual Home button as normal.

15. Fast commands

IOS has many useful universal access functions. Among them, there are commands for quick access to your favorite functions. Just press the Home button three times and the menu will open.

Go to  Settings  ->  General  ->  Universal access  ->  Quick commands and add the necessary functions to the list.

Jailbreak iPhone

The best life for iPhone is a jailbreak. Unfortunately, for the time being, there is no public jailbreak for iOS 11, but this may soon change. Security specialists have already managed to jailbreak the iPhone X with iOS 11.2.1.

If you have iOS 10.2 or lower, you can install the Yalu jailbreak.



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