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12 tricks to make the best use of Google Translate

Google Translate is a truly phenomenal resource for accessing a simultaneous and immediate translation service of text, voice and even images. Everything is accessible through a free and localized app in Italian that can be installed on smartphones and tablets and can not be used with an active connection.

This is a very structured and feature-rich service that is not always known, which is why we have selected twelve tricks to learn right away to squeeze out the potential and functionality of Google Translate.

1 – Download dictionaries for offline use


Download dictionaries for offline use

You can download dictionaries that you can then use offline, a fundamental tool for travelers, which can go so far as to have an interpreter ready for use. The advice is to download the package before leaving, under a Wi-Fi network. In this way, even if you are in the absence of a signal (as often happens abroad) you can translate from your language to that of the country you are in and vice versa.

To complete the procedure you have to tap on the hamburger menu then on “offline dictionaries” and choose the one you want.

2 – Favorite phrases


You can save favorite phrases that can be particularly useful without having to re-translate them from time to time again. Just tap on the star during the first translation, they will then find themselves again passing from the hamburger menu below, in fact, “favorite phrases”.

3 – Activate the simultaneous voice translation

Activate the simultaneous voice translation


Google Translate can work as a simultaneous voice translator between two languages. You can tap on the icon of the two microphones that say “Conversation”. The option can also be activated from the single sentence translation menu.

4 – Translate the writings on the images

Translate the writings on the images


The Google Translate app can translate text on an image. You can take a photo by tapping on the camera icon or drawing a file from the image gallery.

5 – Draw a word to translate

Draw a word to translate


Especially with languages ​​that have an alphabet that is not the Latin one it may be easier to draw ideograms or other characters. Even in this case, just tap on “freehand” with the pen icon and continue with your finger.

6 – Remember to update the app


It may seem trivial, but it is more than advisable to update the application regularly to have the most optimized experience possible and even more languages ​​supported. To do this you can switch from Google Play, the official software market, search for Google Translate with the magnifying glass and tap Update.

7 – Change the reading speed

Change the reading speed


A very interesting feature of Google Translate is the possibility of hearing a certain word or phrase so as to grasp its exact pronunciation. Among the settings it is possible to change the reading speed by setting it more or less slowly from the hamburger menu,> Settings> speed and selecting between normal, slow and slower. In this way, you can select the speed that best matches your knowledge of the language.

8 – Unlock offensive words

Unlock offensive words


Also from the Internal Settings menu you can tap on Voice Input then going to activate or deactivate offensive words like swear words, which you know are the most useful on certain occasions: P.

9 – Delete the translation history

Delete the translation history


To clear the translation history, there is a large button that says “Clear history” at the bottom of the Settings page.

10 – Share a translation

Share a translation


You can easily share a translation on external apps. In the screen of the translated word you can tap on the three dots and on “Share” and choose the application.

11 – Listen to the pronunciation of a word or phrase

Listen to the pronunciation of a word or phrase


To be sure of how to pronounce a word you can tap the speaker icon on the screen of the sentence to be translated as well as on the translated one. A synthetic voice will read.

12 – Expand the translation to full screen


You can expand the translation to full screen by tapping the three dots again on the screen of what you have translated, for easier reading.

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