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10 Ways to Make iOS 12 Features More Convenient

10 Ways to Make iOS 12 Features More Convenient

Like any other major update, iOS 12 contains a large number of new convenient features. However, there are not so useful functions. The new Siri capabilities and the consolidation of notifications are huge improvements, some elements of these functions can be inconvenient, at least for some users.

Do not worry, we will help you make iOS 12 functions convenient for you.

1. Combine app notifications

Notices in iOS 12 are grouped into content groups. This means that you can have multiple groups of notifications from the same application. If you wish, you can enable application pooling.

To do this, go to Settings -> Notifications -> select the application and in the Grouping, section checks the box next to By program.

2. Disable notifications merging

If you do not like the consolidation of notifications at all, alas, you can not completely disable it. However, you can disable it for each application manually.

In the Settings -> Notifications -> select the application -> Grouping, select the Disabled option.

3. Disable the recommendations of Siri

Automation Siri operates throughout the iOS 12. And the new Team application is really useful. However, this can not be said about the recommendations on the lock screen.

Can interfere with recommendations in the search for Spotlight. Do not worry, it’s easy to turn them off.

Go to Settings -> Siri and Search and click on the radio buttons next to  On the locked screen and In Search.

4. Disable the reports on the screen time

iOS 12 contains a new health feature Screen time. It tracks all your activity on your device and sends you a report about it by the end of the week.

If you are not interested in how you use your smartphone, or if you do not want to know this, you can turn off reports. The next time the report appears on the lock screen, swipe to the left, select Manage, and then click Disable.

5. Automatically delete the recordings on the Recorder

In the updated application Dictaphone there is one nuance. When you delete a record from it, it does not disappear completely, but gets into a folder with recently deleted ones. Then you need to delete it manually.

The process can be automated through Settings -> Voice Recorder -> Cleaning Remote. Select Immediatelythrough 1d ., Through 7d . or after 30 days .

Now records from the application will be deleted automatically.

6. Share photos via iCloud, not Smart Sharing

Recommendations in the Photos app in iOS 12 are pretty smart, but for their work and for other users, too, should be smartphones from Apple.

Fortunately, there is another hidden function iOS 12, which allows you to share photos with anyone using a link.

Select the photos you want to share, click the Share icon, and select Copy the iCloud link. Now just paste the copied link into any dialog. The recipient can easily and conveniently view and download photos. In addition, after a while the link can be deactivated.

7. Use third-party password managers

iCloud Keychain is now integrated throughout the iOS 12. It does not matter whether it’s a website or an application. And this is great news for iCloud Keychain users.

However, users of third-party password managers can also do a lot. They can be used to autocomplete passwords. Just install the favorite password manager and configure it.

8. Disable the USB limitation

In iOS 12, there is a new security feature related to limiting USB-accessories. It does not allow them to automatically connect to the iPhone if the smartphone is not unlocked within an hour.

Disabling this function is quite simple. Go to Settings -> Face ID Touch ID and password code and click on the switch next to the USB- accessories.

9. Conveniently open the dock on iPad

iOS 12 contains very few new features for the iPad. However, now the tablets support gestures in the style of the iPhone X. Now, if you hold up from the bottom edge of the screen, the home screen will open. To open the dock, you need to hold up, but stop at the middle of the screen.

Getting used to a new gesture can be difficult. What to do? Use the Command Option D key combination on the keyboard to open the dock. It’s simple and easy to remember.

10. Disable recommendations for strong passwords

When creating new accounts iOS 12 will recommend you reliable passwords. If you would like to decide which password to use, you can completely disable the feature.

Open Settings and go to Passwords and Accounts. Here, click the radio button next to AutoFill passwords.

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