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10 great accessories for iPad owners

10 great accessories for iPad owners

Time to holidays is less, and, perhaps, you have not yet bought gifts for your loved ones. We will try to help you with this. In this article, we’ll tell you about ten great accessories that will suit iPad owners. Having bought them, you can please yourself or someone else.

10 great accessories for iPad owners

Stand with Logitech charging


Stand With Logitech Charging

Stand Logitech with charging for the iPad – one of the best accessories in the last few years. This is a charging dock designed specifically for the iPad Pro models with Smart Connector technology. Just put the tablet with the connector down, and the magnets will fix the iPad’s position to start charging. The stand is heavy and made very high quality, and the iPad on it is located at a convenient angle.

Buy: Logitech iPad Pro Stand ($ 100 )

Note: There is also a similar HiRise 2 device from Twelve South ($ 40).  

Apple Pencil

If you or a person to whom you choose a gift, there is an iPad with support for Apple Pencil, then it is definitely worth buying. The stylus feels like a real pencil, it is convenient to use, and it is quickly charged via the Lightning port on the iPad itself. They can do everything: draw, paint, paint, etc.

Buy: Apple Pencil for iPad Pro (7 490 py.)

Note: There is also an option for Adonit Mark Stylus ($ 13).  

Stand Twelve South ParcSlope

Stand Twelve South ParcSlope is perfect for those who like to draw or write in notes on the iPad. The stand is of good quality aluminum, and the tablet on it lies at an ideal angle for drawing. In addition, it is convenient to play on it, climb on the Internet and generally do anything. It is also suitable for MacBook.

Buy: Twelve South ParcSlope ($ 45 )

IRig Keys

For those who are engaged in music, iRig keys from IK Multimedia are suitable. They work with the PC, and with the Mac, and even with the iPad. They consist of keys like a synthesizer and a drum pad and are supported by many applications. Using the keys you can learn to play the piano or create music.

Buy: IK Multimedia iRig Keys (15 600 rub.)

Toy Droid P2-D2

Because of the recently released movie Star Wars: The Last Jedi all again started talking about the popular franchise. And for this reason, the droid P2-D2 will be an excellent gift. They can be controlled using the iPad and program it to automatically execute commands. Among the functions are built-in speakers, LED indicators, holographic simulations and the “Watch With Me” mode for watching movies Star Wars.

Buy: R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid ($ 130 )

Stand-pillow IPEVO

If you do not like metal stands, you can buy a PadPillow stand from IPEVO. As a matter of fact it is a pillow with which help it is convenient to use a tablet, lying in a bed or on a sofa. It is very soft, small, and it can be folded in several ways.

Buy: IPEVO PadPillow Stand ($ 22 )

SteelSeries Gamepad

The Nimbus SteelSeries wireless gamepad remains one of the best gifts. It is designed with the participation of Apple and contains a Lightning connector for easy charging. After a full charge, it can work up to 40 hours. On the gamepad are convenient buttons, and he himself is a traditional form. It’s very cool to play games on the iPad, iPhone and Apple TV.

Buy: SteelSeries Nimbus ($ 44)

Keyboard Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro 10.5 inch

Increase the effectiveness of using the iPad Pro with the help of a keypad Smart Keyboard. Keys on the keyboard are large enough and conveniently located. It supports iOS combinations and is charged via the Smart Connector. The keyboard serves as a protective cover and stand.

Buy Smart Keyboard for 11 490 ???

RAVPower 26800 portable battery

There is one unavoidable scenario: someday your tablet will have a battery at the most inopportune time. It is in such cases invented portable batteries. For the tablet, you will need a battery of high power, like RAVPower at 26,800mAh. It can fully charge the iPad at least twice. In the battery, there is a LED-indicator, and also on it is given a guarantee of 18 months.

Buy: RAVPower 26800 ($ 50 )

Sonos Play 1 Speaker

Ends our list of smart speakers Sonos One with voice control. With it you can watch movies and listen to music on the iPad. It looks beautiful, sounds great and supports the voice assistant Alexa.

Buy: Sonos One (199 $)

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