10 amazing gadget that soon will be available

10 amazing gadget that soon will be available

Every day in the world kicks off a huge amount of campaigns. An endless stream of all sorts on Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects is nothing new. Exactly like the fact that most of them – the weird, pointless and silly. But the stream of unique spinners and obscure covers for iPhones, you can find really great projects. It’s about these today and we will tell.

I liked something, but are afraid that before mass production will not come? We tried not to tease you indie projects with low chances of success. Each of the ten units, which will be discussed in this article, has already collected the necessary amount or up to the close. 

QUARTZ – water bottle with self-cleaning function

QUARTZ - water bottle with self-cleaning function

Surely every once in a situation where in a bottle of water there is a characteristic unpleasant smell after a few days of use. To solve this problem will help US startups. Using ultraviolet radiation QUARTZ cleans not only itself but also water, killing 99.9999% of bacteria.

Purification of UV rays is carried out with one touch. By default, the bottle itself will activate this function once every 4 hours to complete cleaning takes only a minute. Besides, bottles can store beverage material temperature: cold – up to 24 hours, hot – up to 12 hours. The volume is perfect to take QUARTZ with 525 ml.

main advantages of QUARTZ

The main advantages of QUARTZ:

  • Purity. One in 10 000 times more hygienic than a conventional reusable bottle.
  • Saving. One bottle is able to save up to $ 1,000 on the purchase of bottled water. It does not require additional filters or batteries.
  • Autonomy. On a single charge via USB ultraviolet lamp capable of operating up to 2 months.

The creators also note that their design does not use toxic mercury, unlike traditional technologies using UV rays. It is first used in a portable system for water purification.

Price: $ 59 per bottle, $ 12 for a limited case for travel

Release: March 2018

Link to the project:  a Kickstarter

Taro – an automatic stabilizer for any camera


Taro - an automatic stabilizer for any camera

Today, the stabilizers are one of the most popular accessory for the cameras. Just a few years ago, it was extremely difficult to find a model suitable to your needs and not standing over the camera itself, but now cannot do without them, almost one videographer – even amateur level.

Regardless of whether you are shooting on a top-end professional camera video or just want a small accessory to make a video with your iPhone more smooth, Taro developers promise that you will not be disappointed. What is important, the Gimbal-stabilizer is designed to track the movement: that is, to shoot amazing videos can be even without the man behind the camera.

Taro The secret lies in a combination of infrared tags and tracking module M1. Together they can determine what is to be the subject, and adjusts the camera so that it enters the frame. One of the most important elements, which allows achieving high efficiency and precision – machine learning system.

Price: $ 99 per tracker model (can be used with any other regulator); $ 199 for a stabilizer for GoPro or smartphone; $ 229 for a stabilizer for SLR or mirrorless camera

Release: April 2018

Link to the project : a Kickstarter

Archisketch – interior design in your pocket


Archisketch - interior design in your pocket

Although now there are many specialized applications and programs for interior design, to create a virtual map of the premises to be used for future planning, it is not so simple. You certainly know what we, if we ever tried to create a model in Google Sketchup room or a similar program. So, as a rule, if you are very good at such, the effort and time spent rarely justify the result.

But what if you really do not need all this no complicated software, no special skills to create and edit 3D-card space?

Arhicsketch is, in fact, a special set of sensors that you can connect to your smartphone. Next – literally a matter of technique. Start fresh application note on the screen corners of the room – and then Arhicsketch calculates the distance between all points in space and in minutes create 2D-, 3D and VR-room model. After that you can add color and texture, substitute furniture – in short, to do whatever design your heart desires.

Price : $ 134

Release: May 2018

Link to the project: a Kickstarter

Empower Me – virtual teacher


Empower Me - virtual teacher

For people with autism, simple social interaction, which we have long been accustomed to, can be incredibly difficult. They first appear in childhood, but eventually create more problems – first at school and later in the workplace.

A startup called Brain Power is designed to help people with this disease. They have created a system Empower Me is the world’s first platform for augmented reality glasses, designed specifically to help autism.

It’s a little like an application for “brain training”, which are popular for several years. Empower Me acts as a virtual trainer. Compatible with Google Glass, it is able to run specific games, which are focused on practising important skills needed for everyday life. So, in a playful way the user learns to “read” the emotions and attitudes of other people, received language lessons, trains communication skills, learn to control their own behavior, and more. Unlike similar applications for smartphones and tablets, where information is presented in the abstract. Empower Me teaches direct interaction with real people.

Price : $ 1725

Release : July 2018

Link to project : Indiegogo

StarkBoard – Handsfree Smart Electric Skateboard


StarkBoard - Handsfree Smart Electric Skateboard

Technology is not just at the peak of its development but also becoming more affordable for consumers. Over the past few years, electric motors are becoming smaller and more powerful, while the battery is also reduced in size, but added in energy intensity. These two trends have produced a veritable revolution in the field of personal vehicles. Number hoverboard, electric scooters and other devices, which previously could only dream of, is growing every month, and keep track of all the news is becoming increasingly difficult. In this case, each successive model is becoming more advanced and incredible.

If we talk about similar devices, it is worth noting an electric longboard called StarkBoard, established in Germany. The device has a number of features that, according to the developers, making travel around the city a lot more comfortable.

The most important of its features – no controller. Managed by it’s simple: get up on the board, move your weight forward – and StarkBoard will start to accelerate. Accordingly, in the same way the device can be forced to slow down or turn off – just shift your weight in the right direction, the sensors will react to it, and involve motor or wheels. As the creators say, in order to get used to the management, enough 3 minutes.

For more convenient carrying handle is provided, and in the dark ride will be much safer with built-in spotlights.

Price : $ 549 for StarkBoard (battery and charger included); $ 149 for Stark Battery Battery; $ 39 for the charger

Release : February 2018

Link to project : Indiegogo

Point – the most comfortable home alarm


Point - the most comfortable home alarm

Team Minut (USA) managed to create a new generation of home alarm system. It does not require the installation of cameras or complicated settings. Due to the pairwise application you will be able to monitor the safety of your own home at any time, wherever you are. If the system will record any change, you will get a notification to your smartphone. Here’s what the developers on the project page on Kickstarter:

Point – a complete home alarm in a single device. She will let you know if the house that something will happen – not using the camera or a listening system. In an emergency, a notification will get you, your family and neighbors – so you can help each other by working together. Point – is not just a burglar alarm. With it, your home will be a voice. , Point understands what’s going on using built-in sensors and machine learning.

Point - the most comfortable home alarm



You will be notified if Point detects the entry of foreign, smoke, loud music at night, or the temperature suddenly changes. This information will come to you on your smartphone wherever you are at this moment may be. As soon as you leave the house, Point it will detect and enable the burglar alarm. Of course, to enable or disable it, you can manually if necessary.

Price : $ 79

Release : May 2018

Link to the project: a Kickstarter

Chocolate Hub 2 – Smart Hub for iPhone 8 iPhone and the X

A startup in San Francisco called 23 Devices launched to raise funds for “USB-C world’s first hub with wireless charging Qi-standard”. The device is called Chocolate Hub and 2, as seen in the photos, it looks like a chocolate bar. The new hub is adapted for iPhone 8 / X, and the new MacBook Pro, but will also work just fine with any laptops that use connectors USB Type-C and most smartphones that support fast charging Qi.

In fact, Chocolate Hub 2 obednil a two functions: it is a hub for the USB-C, and wireless charging. The developers have promised that another hub for the new iPhone or MacBook Pro you will never need. Just put the X iPhone or iPhone 8 “chocolate bar”, and it will start charging. The remaining Soup can be charged through the remaining slots in the chassis. USB-C cable for charging of Chocolate Hub 2 is attached.

It is also possible to add a second display via the HDMI port 4K. There are also two USB 3.0 ports and a card reader SD 3.0 in Chocolate Hub 2. It should be noted that the hubs to the same set of connectors is not uncommon now – but they do not support the fast charging.

Believe it or not, chocolate design is not chosen by chance. Studies have shown that some thoughts on this sweet enough to increase the level of dopamine in the brain and motivate you throughout the day. So every time you will need to connect to any device and glanced at the hub, your productivity will improve.

Price : $ 89

Release : December 2017

Link to project : Indiegogo

Vinci 2.0 – the world’s first stand-alone fitness headphones


Through the development of New York City called Vinci 2.0, you no longer have to take with a smartphone on a run. This device combines a music player, a fitness tracker and telephone. With the support of artificial intelligence (Alexa assistant), you can control the headset without the need to touch or look at them.

Vinci 2.0 is a fully self-contained device with a 4-core ARM Cortex A-7, support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and 3G module. You can ask Vinci make a call, send a text message, add a reminder or to build the route. Pairing with a smartphone is not required, so you can take fewer things for a run or workout. Vinci 2.0 is compatible with Spotify, SoundCloud, Amazon Music and KKBOX – a library of audio files as a whole is about 42 million tracks.

These headphones weigh only 86 grams, and their shape is specially adapted for sports. There are four colors: black, white, red and blue. Unfortunately, that 3G-module Vinci 2.0 supports SIM-card only two operators: AT & T and T-Mobile. They are not presented in Russian, so use headphones for calls and messages you do not get.

Built-in battery 600 mAh battery will be enough for a whole day of use. More specifically, in Vinci 2.0 standby will hold 168 hours of music playback for Bluetooth – 20 hours, and when listening to tracks from the library themselves headphones – about 8 hours. As for internal memory, it depends on the amount of modification. For Lite is 8 GB for Pro – 16 GB, and for Super – 32 GB.

Price : $ 129 Lite; $ 149 for the Pro; $ 249 Super (free shipping)

Release : Lite – March 2018, Super and Pro – April 2018

Link to the project: a Kickstarter

WonderCube Pro – inch cube “all-in-one”

To put an end to the need to carry around a bunch of essential accessories for your smartphone, set up in Hong Kong WonderCube Pro. It is the smallest of the existing (and possible) adapter “all-in-one”, which will greatly facilitate the lives of everyone who uses your smartphone. It can be used for fast charging, syncing with your computer, expansion of internal memory – and not only. WonderCube Pro even replace your stand. All this is placed in inch cube that you can hang on the keys without any problems.

Its features include:

  1. Cable for any device accessible connectors USB-C, Lightning and micro USB. Built-in connector – micro USD, while for the USB-C and Lightning are provided miniature adapters. flexible cable – it can be stretched to 7.5 centimeters.
  2. Fast charging. Integrated connector provides quick charging via any USB-port, so you can always stay in touch.
  3. Stand. The cube can be used as a stand both the vertical and horizontal position.
  4. Additional memory. WonderCube Pro can operate as a micro SD card reader capacity up to 128 GB. It works only on Android-devices.
  5. Emergency charging. If your phone is low, and the situation is critical, you can charge it with a battery 9V. It works with the iPhone, and Android-smartphone, and provides up to 2-3 additional hours of talk time.
  6. Backup and data transfer. This is a convenient way to sync files from your computer without an internet connection.
  7. Flashlight. If you get home late, but do not want to attract attention by using the smartphone flashlight, WonderCube Pro will be most welcome. It is equipped with a miniature but powerful enough LED-flashlight.

WondewCube Pro is made from polycarbonate plastic and aluminum. It weighs only 20 grams, so it is easy to carry on a keychain or in a pocket of your bag or backpack.

Price : $ 35

Release : December 2017

Link to project : Indiegogo

GameShell – console for lovers of retro gaming

GameShell is a modular portable console that will allow you to not only play the old games, but also to modify them, and even create their own versions of the console. Although smartphones are able to easily run emulators retro games, GameShell present you with nothing comparable to the thrill of this console with physical buttons. She even has a headphone jack!

The device will come in the form of a set of “Do It Yourself”. Comes board, screen, buttons, battery and speakers – all of this will need to be placed in the body on the user’s choice. The console is based on the Raspberry Pi compatible with the motherboard with processor ARM Cortex-A7 and 512 MB RAM. Its other features include a 2.7-inch color display with built-in Wi-Fi module and a battery that will last for 3 hours of play. GameShell can run multiple Linux distributions, and comes preloaded with emulators for Atari, GB, GBA, NES, SNES, and other systems.

Console is simply programmed, so if you know how to do it, no problem to install additional games. With the release of Internet GameShell sure there will be many detailed instructions how to do it. “Out of the box” installed two games: Doom and Cave Story – classic, perfect for dipping into the atmosphere. The developers plan to add more free pre-installed games, including Doom II, Heretic and Hexen.

You want to have your GameShell was unique? With the help supplied with the prefix STL-files you can print the 3D-printer whichever body or create your own.

Price : $ 109

Release : April 2018

Link to the project: a Kickstarter

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