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1 million units Of Xiaomi Mi 8 sold in less than 20 days

The latest top-of-the-line display by the world’s fourth-largest mobile device maker is called Xiaomi Mi 8. It was one of the most anticipated devices of the second quarter of the year and results are starting to show up right away.

It was no wonder that in just eight years Xiaomi reached the fourth place in the world. The Device that the brand offers us are of a fantastic quality. But this is not enough and the preponderant factor for this success is the prices practiced.

From early on the brand has accustomed us to quality Device with unbeatable prices. This flag will be to keep in the future, having Lei Jun already guaranteed that the company will not exceed the margin of 5% profit on its products.

The new Xiaomi Mi 8 and related variants are the latest proof of this promise. We have Device here that, at the level of specifications, stand out with the large tops of range of the market.

Xiaomi Mi 8 got off on the right foot in terms of sales

However, its price is well below these “sharks”. Note that the Xiaomi Mi 8, with Snapdragon 845 and 6GB of RAM, is being sold in China for about 420 €.

Introduced on May 31, the new Xiaomi Mi 8 began to be marketed last June 5. Well, in just 18 days of sale at the date of this article, they have already totaled a total of 1 million units sold.

This news was given by the company’s global spokesperson, Donovan Sung, on Twitter. Figures that include the sales of both the Xiaomi Mi 8, the Mi 8 Explorer Edition and Mi 8 SE.

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It would be interesting to know with if has ported each one of the variants of the new top of the Chinese company. Mainly to what extent Xiaomi consumers and lovers are receptive to 3D facial recognition and biometric reader on the screen.

If these figures seem to be scarce for the current status of Xiaomi, it should be noted that they are figures referring only to the Chinese market. The Xiaomi Mi 8 should only officially arrive in Europe in August and we do not know to what extent these numbers reflect the reality of online retailers.

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