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1 Billion Users at Risk: Android Software Phones Vulnerable to New Bug Stagefright


Just when you thought you had a better
alternative to Apple’s evil iPhone empire, Android announces
more than 950 million devices are susceptible to a superbug simply named “Stagefright
.” A vulnerability in Android mobile phones was discovered on Monday and
close to a billion phones and tablets are at risk of being hacked. The worst
part about the bug is how easy a user can be infected. All an attacker has to do is simply send a malicious MMS message and the
victim’s phone has been injected with the Stagefright. Even if
the user doesn’t open it, they’re still infected.
The bug works like a computer worm. An attacker
can take your contact list after your information was pillaged, and give
everyone on your list the bug. It’s a constant cycle.
Right now several companies that run Android
software on their phone say they’re working on a way to fix the issues. The
only ones to have securely found a way to patch it are CyanogenMod, Mozilla and
Silent Circle’s Blackphone. Popular devices the likes of HTC, LG, Lenovo,
Motorola and Sony are still at risk.
Samsung, the biggest mobile company to use
Android software, released a statement saying they’re
doing everything they can to patch Stagefright. They’re urging users to
constantly update their phone.
“Protecting our consumers’ privacy is our
top priority, and we work hard every day to safeguard our valued Samsung users.
Google notified us about the issue, and we are working to roll-out the software
update as soon as possible. Samsung encourages users to keep their software and
apps updated, and to exercise caution when clicking on an unsecure mail or


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