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Xiaomi: Redmi has a new monitor and the price is incredible


After several rumors, Xiaomi officially presented this Wednesday the Redmi Display 1A. This is the first monitor under the seal of its Redmi sub-brand, and reaches the Chinese market for an incredible value of 64 € . This is not the most innovative monitor you will find on the market. …

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Google Chromecast may have its days numbered! Xiaomi Mi TV Stick is on its way!


At the beginning of the month, several rumors began to emerge that Xiaomi was preparing to launch a new gadget, which would present itself as a compact version of the popular Mi Box. Now, it was the manufacturer itself to confirm the existence of the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick. During …

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Ghost accidents? This video shows you the magic of editing! (don't believe everything you see on the Internet)


The video was once viral on the Internet and many believed that these were ghost accidents. Something supernatural that caused cars to have an accident from the other world without explanation for that. However, like everything in life, there is a simple explanation. In this case, it is called editing …

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Xiaomi: MIUI 12 brings more potential to screenshots


Xiaomi introduced MIUI 12 in its Global version last week and the first models will start receiving it as early as next week. But in the meantime, the company continues to add new features to its interface. The latest feature added will change the way you take screenshots. With MIUI …

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Huawei P30 and P30 Pro start receiving EMUI 10.1 in Europe


Huawei introduced the EMUI 10 .1 when the P family was launched 40. These were the first models to feature the new version of the interface, but now it is time for some of their most important Device to be updated as well. Holders of Huawei P 30 and P …

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SpaceX: see the launch of the rocket with live astronauts here! Historic day for Elon Musk


Update: Launch was postponed to 30 May due to weather conditions It is not the first time that Elon Musk's SpaceX launches rockets into space. However, this will be the first mission of the private space company that will launch Humans into orbit. This moment has long been anticipated and …

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Goodbye Google Home! Something new is coming!


Google Home is one of the gadgets that I like to have at home. In addition to controlling the music and a good part of the lights, it also serves me to answer questions that I am simply too lazy to write. However, Google decided it was time to discontinue. …

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iPhone SE: Apple created its golden egg hen!


The iPhone SE is the latest smartphone from apple and its popularity has been tremendous. The Device brought us impressive quality in a very outdated design. However, its “low value” (for an iPhone), has made consumers scratch the card. I dare say that many have had to stand firm because …

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Donald Trump threatens to shut down social networks after Twitter's decision


Twitter yesterday decided to classify Donald Trump's publications as potentially fake. Naturally, this decision would not go unanswered on the part of the US President, but his statements go beyond what would be expected. In response to Twitter's decision, Donald Trump threatens to regulate or even close social networks. He …

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Windows 10 finally gets its big update of the year. Know how to install


After several months of waiting, behold, the much-promised update of May started to be sent to all Windows users 10. This distribution kicks off a day earlier than expected and I don't think anyone will complain. Microsoft has changed the philosophy of Windows updates a little bit 10, so this …

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