Wednesday , July 8 2020

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OnePlus Nord: these will be the colors available for the smartphone


The OnePlus Nord is the next smartphone of the brand to be officially revealed. The new Device is a mid-range terminal, however, OnePlus promises an above-average quality for the price that will be sold. We still don’t have much official information, however, the rumors have us offered a clear idea …

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Huawei: these are the first smartphones to receive the major system update, EMUI 11


It was confirmed yesterday that Huawei is preparing its next major system update later this year. The information received was that the update will reach users close to the presentation of the next Mate 40. That is, between September and October. Therefore, the big question that users have is whether …

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Xiaomi dominates the mid-range ranking of AnTuTu: knows the top 10


The AnTuTu benchmark platform has already revealed which are the most powerful mid-range smartphones globally in June 2020. And this is a ranking not only led, but also dominated by Xiaomi. The Chinese manufacturer puts Xiaomi Redmi K at the top of this list 30 5G, with 317. points. But …

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Realme X50 5G is official in Europe: the rival of Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite


As announced by the brand, Realme X 50 5G is finally available in Europe. This is the new high-end smartphone manufacturer, and arrives in the ‘old continent’ by 349 € . This is a great rival for the Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite. Its focus is not on the cameras, but …

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Google Duo gets update that makes it even more capable!


Google Duo is gaining more and more fame. The Google video calling application is available for Android, iOS and PC and is one of the best for video calls. Now, the application is even better when it supports 32 people simultaneously. That is, the person who created the call most …

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Google Calendar just got better at event management


Although the “Google Calendar” application is a dull application for most users, those who use it professionally know how powerful this App can be to organize your life. Well, with the new update the application gets even better and you can schedule events from just 15 minutes. This feature is …

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Instagram already let you mark the best comments. See how to activate


Instagram continues to offer more and more possibilities to its users. And the last novelty to be available to any user of this social network, is the possibility to mark comments from the top of the publications. This is a possibility that was being tested by a small number of …

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Google Maps is ‘caught’ testing a feature you’ll want


Google Maps is the browser that meets the preference of many users, for its reliability and simplicity. And soon he is getting ready to get even better, with something new that you will certainly be grateful for. The service was ‘caught’ testing the traffic lights on the streets. A user …

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