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Xiaomi Mi Band 4 NFC reaches more countries in Europe. When is Portugal going?


The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 (Mi Smart Band 4) was launched in mid 2019. But in June of this year a version with NFC compatible with Mastercard landed in Europe, first arriving in Russia . The idea is to offer the possibility to consumers who have a compatible card, to …

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Google prepares mega-event: knows what will be launched


The time when we will get to know the new smartphones ‘made by Google’ is approaching. The “Launch Night In” event is scheduled for the next day 30 September , and you can expect much more than smartphones. The big highlight may not even be for the Pixel 5 and …

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Amazon Prime Day has dates revealed. Get ready for early Christmas shopping!


Amazon is by far the largest online trading company ever, having already expanded to a large part of the globe. With regard to Portugal, although there is still no “Amazon Portugal”, we can already take full advantage of Amazon Spain, which looks at Portuguese users with very good eyes. So, …

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Qualcomm Snapdragon 775 will revolutionize mid-range smartphones! Understand why


During the last few years we have seen the prices of high-end smartphones rise to values ​​unthinkable a few years ago, easily exceeding the € 1 threshold, 000. In addition, we have also seen an incredible evolution in the mid-range segment, where the level of performance is getting closer and …

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Twiter launches new tool to prevent spreading Fake News


Over the past year, Twitter has faced a major battle against the spread of Fake News on its platform, proving to be one of the biggest challenges ever. In June, they started testing a new tool whose main objective is to try to prevent users from sharing links to news …

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Rocket League is free and Epic Games gives you money to install the game!


After being available for a long time as a PlayStation 4 exclusive, the popular Rocket League game is finally available completely free for PC, Xbox One and also for Nintendo Switch. However, PC players will be in for an excellent surprise when they install the game. Epic Games surprised their …

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Realme is getting ready to launch the first Smart TV with SLED technology!


Since its inception a few years ago, it was quite clear that Realme had every intention of following in the footsteps of Xiaomi, in an attempt to become a real threat to its success. Over the past few months we have confirmed that this strategy would not only apply to …

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Google will 'tighten its grip' on those who circumvent its fees on the Play Store


Much has been said about the 30% rate that Apple charges under each transaction made on the App Store. However, it’s important to note that Google does the same for its app store. Something that will soon stop being so easy to get around. As Bloomberg advances today, Google is …

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