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Download Infinix Stock Rom For All Model

Al Infinix Stock Rom And Download Links

We will be sharing the links for both KitKat at and lollipop Roms of all Infinix devices starting from the Old Infinix phone to the New Infinix Phone. Take Note that you will need a PC to flash the ROM and for all those who are new to flashing of ROM with PC, you can check this post for detailed instruction on how to go about the flashing

Welcome you are at the right page If you have bricked your Infinix smartphone we have Stock Rom (Original Firmware) for all Infinix Smartphones  to hep you unbrick your phone
Requirement: Your Android Smartphone should have at least 50-70 percent of battery before performing the flash.

Please do Report any damage Link for Fix.Thanks 


1. Infinix Surf Smart X351
Download  Infinix Jet Stock Rom

2. Infinix Jet X501
Download  Infinix Jet Stock Rom

3. Infinix Jet X502
Download Infinix Alpha Marvel Stock Rom 

4. Infinix Hot X507
Download Infinix KitKat Hot Stock Rom
Download Lollipop Infinix Hot Stock Rom

5. Infinix Hot S X521
Download Infinix Hot S Stock Rom

6. Infinix Hot 2 X510
Download Infinix Hot 2 Lollipop Stock Rom (16+1)
Infinix Hot 2 Lollipop Stock Rom (16+2) 

6. Infinix Hot 3 X554
Download Infinix Hot Note Stock Rom Lollipop

7. Infinix Hot 3 LTE X553
Download Infinix Hot 3 LTE Stock Rom Lollipop

8. Infinix Hot 4 X557
Download Infinix Hot 4 Stock Rom

9. Infinix Hot 4 Pro X556
Download Infinix Hot 4 Pro Stock Rom

10. Infinix Note 2 X600
Download Infinix Note 2 Stock Rom

11. Infinix Note 3 X601
Download Infinix Hot Note 3 Stock Rom

12. Infinix Note 3 Pro Stock ROM


13. Infinix Hot Note X551
Download Infinix Hot Note Stock Rom KitKat
Download Infinix Hot Note Stock Rom Lollipop

14. Infinix Hot Note Pro X551
Download Infinix Hot Hote pro Stock Rom Lollipop

15. Infinix Zero X506 16G
Download Infinix Zero Stock Rom KitKat
Download Infinix Zero Stock Rom Lollipop

16. Infinix Zero 2 X509 J5800
Download Infinix Zero 2 KitKat Stock Rom

Download Infinix Zero 2 Lollipop Stock Rom

17. Infinx Zero 2 Pro X509

Download Infinix Zero 2 Pro Stock Rom

18. Infinx Zero 3 X552

Download Infinix Zero 3 Stock Rom

19. Infinx Zero 4 X555

Download Infinix Zero 4 Stock Rom

20. Infinx Zero 4 Plus X602

Download Infinix Zero 4 Plus Stock ROM

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  1. I need that of Infinix x503 surf bravo from 4.2 to 4.4

  2. emma…thankx for these bro…u r a life saver

  3. emmy please when trying to boot to recovery, my volume down does not work any help?

  4. emmy….my problem is i cannot even root nor install CWM recovery on my phone…i just upgraded to the new lollipop version…any help please, i feel limited

  5. Pls sir der any other link to download the ROM ….my mega app stop to any little network instability and restart download from the. Beginning ……I'll appreciate if any

  6. And sir the first infinix hot KitKat and lollipop ROM is it x507 ,wanna be sure..I'm using hote note and would like to upgrade for ma bros hot too

  7. Please I would like to download the infinix zero x506 16gb lollipop ROM and what's the procedures to make it work on my phone ?

  8. Please how do I get the infinix hot2 X510 2gb ram because is not mention here

  9. pls where or how can i increase 3g speed of x507? can't bypass 200kbps. Add me to yhur whatsapp group 08176121688 Thanks

  10. link not working i need infinix zero 2 stock rom

  11. Thanks site administrator you doin a good job… Please can i get the stock Rom for infinix joypad X800. Thanks once more

  12. Ok would be right here waiting

  13. Broz…the link to the infinix x507 lolipop is not responding …..kindly help with DAT pls

  14. Bonjour à tous; je voudrai savoir si on peu installer une rom de infinix zero 3 sur infinix note 2 (X600).
    Merci pour tout ce que vous faite

  15. pls what about stock rom for infinix hot x507…really appreciate ur effort more success bro

  16. Admin, I can't download for hotel note pro. It refering me to dis adfl site of a thing. I dnt get d link to download, please help me out.

  17. How do we false the infinix hot rom? It is in rar format

  18. Help me on my infinix x700 I can't get it firmware

  19. pls i need infinix x530 stock rom ugently

  20. i am using infinix x506 2gb ram version. And i want to downlode lolipop rom. can you tell me my double click wake up guesture is work on this lolipop rom or not?

  21. i cant find hot 2 X510 LTE rom, someone help me

  22. And can i update it from sd card in boot menu infinix x506 2gb version?

  23. I upgraded my infinix x506 2gb version toblolipop.but my gestures are not working.what can I do now.how can I have my gesture back

    • After updating your ifninix to lollipop via Sp flash tool go to the system update on your device and check for other updates i believe they provided fix for all that issues

  24. isnt there a stock rom for infinix x505?

  25. Am downloading it now i will like to get the steps to update mine (X551)

  26. Pls can you upload it to Google Drive, cos my network is too bad

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    this is the second link. The sky is our limit


  28. Can you upload for infinix Hot S? Thanks

  29. My phone is dead please help me?

  30. Pls help me my infinix hot x keep telling me installation aborted. Md5 check failed in cwm recovery any solution?

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